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Our Practice 

Tacoma Anesthesia Associates (TAA) has a 50+ year history of providing superior anesthesia care to the greater Puget Sound community. Our experienced staff include both anesthesiologists and nurse anesthetists with physician specialists in pediatric anesthesia, pediatric cardiac anesthesia, adult cardiac anesthesia, acute pain management, and regional anesthesia. 


Our team of highly trained and dedicated anesthesiologists and nurse anesthetists work closely with our surgical colleagues and operating room staff to safely guide you through your anesthetic experience.

Our Team.

All MD/DO anesthesiologists are board certified or board eligible.

Eric Anderson, MD

Phillip bouterse, MD

jason demakakos, Md

Bryan Estill, md

jeff harcus, CRNA

lilly hsu, MD

tiffany kim, md

joe kwa, md

Christen-Jennifer Lee, MD

brian mccoy, md

lisa o'driscoll, CRna

brett plancich, md

charles redger, md

forrest rue, md

Sam seng, do

james stangl, md

ann szczepanik, md

matthew turnbull, CRNA

wendy warwick, md

reid bennett, MD

Elbert chang, DO

adam demars, MD

christopher finch, md

wes hart, MD

amanda hu, MD

stephen ku, do

david lai, md

Christine Lee, MD

David mcGovern, md

Aira omoruan, md

kendra porta, md

nick rios, md

christopher savage, md

wonita shin, md

nicole strickland, MD

evan thilo, MD

bradford van duker, MD

wendy wilkinson, md

Mary Bernard, MD

David cunningham, MD

stephen elder, md

zi gong, md

khoa hoang, md

david hughes, CRNA

samantha krempasky, CRNA

thomas Latendresse, MD

paul mathews, md

glaucia moreira, md

Jason pierce, md

walter quiroga Robles, md

jeff robinson, md

david schrenk, MD

patrick sinopole, MD

veronica swanson, MD

jeremy tompkins, MD

wendy wang, md

mark youngberg, md

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